Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hand Lettering

Last weekend I took a Modern Calligraphy class! I loved it! I've dabbled in pretty writing and painting, but it was fun to try out actual soft brushed pens and learn actual techniques instead of just winging it. The practice pages were a bit mesmerizing and I instantly fell in love with these pens
Those S's! 
And some practice words to connect the letters. Love!
At the end of the workshop, we used our new skills and paint pens to make a canvas. I am a little overwhelmed with my upcoming stem cell transplant and the idea of being away form my kids and home for so long.  I'm hoping this quote will serve as a reminder that this is worth it for me and my kids. They deserve a healthy mama. 
 I practiced my lettering on my daughter's birthday invitations. She's turning twelve soon! (WHAT?!)

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