Friday, October 14, 2016

Mosaics Classes

I’ve taken a couple of classes on mosaics from a local art studio. I think I LOVE it. I wish I could go there everyday. 

For the first class, I attempted to make a hot air balloon. It didn’t quite turn out how I hoped (I think it looks more like a topiary), but I love the colors and the idea. 

Here’s the hot air balloon, before grout...
And after grout... 

The second class, I decided to try a tree. I found this photo to use as inspiration. Clearly I attempted a much more simplified version! 

Here’s my glass, glued down and ready for grout. 

The grout was messy, but fun! 

The final (or almost final) pieces from the class. 

And the final... after grout and ready to hang. 

 Thanks for looking!

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