Saturday, May 2, 2015

Playing with Clay

Sorry for the long blog break... truth be told, I have really been struggling with health issues. Just getting through the day is so hard right now and haven't been particularly inspired to create anything. But... I am working to change that! I need to feel more like "me," so I am trying to do little things to get back to that girl who had a million projects going and was always making something.

Luckily, my friend Kim showed me this idea from A Beautiful Mess (found on Pinterest, of course!). I ordered the clay on Amazon and got to work. Here are just a few of the pieces I've made over the last few weeks.

These first ones used white, silver, dark purple, and bright purple clay.

I ended up with a "series" of three of them.
 I also tried one with blue instead of gray (I made two of these and gifted one to a friend for her birthday).
Then I just needed COLOR and decided to use a rainbow. Here's the picture of the first step of mixing the clay. LOVE these colors. 
And here's the final bowl. It's very bright and fun.  

 I love the edges on this one.
 I have quite a collection, as you can see. I've been using them as jewelry holders and for office supplies. Soon I'll have them all over my house, they are really quite addicting to make and the perfect 30 minute project for me right now.

I also have a quilt waiting to be quilted, so don't give up on me or my little blog. I'm getting back to the old me...

And if you can take a minute to pray, hope, or cross your fingers for my health, I need all the help I can get!


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