Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Matthew!

My "baby" boy turned 4 this week. One of the things he asked for was a shirt with an orange truck on it. Specific? Luckily his mama knows how to sew, so we made this little truck and even added a passenger to the back. When I gave it to him, he got a big smile and said "super duper, mommy!" I guess it's a hit? 
I also made him a "4" shirt a few weeks ago. It's been hanging in his room and everyday he's asked, "Am I four yet?" The morning of his birthday, he was so excited when I finally said "YES!" 
We had a swim party at our neighbor's house. I didn't do a lot of decorating, but did make a cute invite and some Happy Birthday signs to hang near the pool and patio. 

 He had a blast and loved when we sang to him. 

 Happy birthday to my sweet boy! You make every day more entertaining and I've never felt so loved. I can't wait to see what four will bring us!

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