Saturday, January 5, 2013

Vintage Sheets String Quilt

I finished my string quilt this week! It's made from vintage sheets and is an unbelievably soft and snuggly quilt. 
This quilt is for my nearly-seven-year old's room and is 60"x88" - a perfect fit for her daybed. day bed quilt
Her favorite color recently changed from pink to blue, so I used a lot of my blue sheets for her. 
I don't know about you, but I can look at these fabrics for a long time... the colors and patterns are so lovely. The pastels of them all together look familiar and comforting and beautiful. 
After much deliberation, I decided to back the quilt in plain white. This way, I can use whatever fitted sheets and pillowcases I like without anything clashing. And if she changes her favorite color to something other than blue, we can compliment the quilt with a different sheet. For now, she has a soft blue and white fitted sheet and some of my most favorite vintage sheet pillowcases. 
 Tell me - am I the only one who wishes this was my bed to climb into?! So pretty. 
 I also used white fabric for binding the quilt. 
And made a pillow to match.  : )

 ...Now it's time to figure out what to do with the wall above her bed. I know what I'll be looking for on Pinterest! 
day bed quilt
 Thank you to all the kind ladies who helped with these blocks in the Bee Vintage sewing bee! And... if you are a collector of vintage sheets, we are just about to begin another round and still have a few spaces left!

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legato1958 said...

This is gorgeous!! I love all the fresh colors, and the pillow to match!



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