Sunday, March 11, 2012

Crafting a Few

I've made a few things this week - including this antique key artwork. I was inspired by an image on Pinterest, but I made mine a little differently. I used a shadow box (purchased at Jo-Ann's) and scrapbook paper as the background. Then I simply painted the keys and hot-glued them to the paper and framed it. Easy and I love it!

It took about 3 coats of paint to cover the keys. I used an acrylic paint that I already had - probably not the best choice, but since I planned to have the keys behind a glass frame, I'm not too concerned about the paint chipping off.
I used "Caribbean Blue."
I also attempted to paint a picture. Our house is getting close to completion, and I've been dreaming about a hydrangea-inspired bathroom. I can't decide if I want to enlarge some photographs or have some art on canvas. So I made a "first attempt" at painting on canvas. Still haven't decided, although I do love the swirls of color in the petals.
And, speaking of the house, we are inching closer! Here is a recent photo... and we now have drywall, too. It's very exciting to see our 5+ years of planning become something real and tangible. And then idea that we will be actually living there soon is very exciting. Even more? I will have a dedicated sewing & craft room in this space. Yahoo!
More coming soon... I actually am working on two QUILTS. My first in a very long time!

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