Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

My daughter helped me make this paper heart wreath for Valentine's day. Very easy, very inexpensive. I used a heart-shaped paper punch ($6) and 5 sheets of scrapbook paper (about $3). I traced a dinner plate on cardboard and cut it out to use as the backing, then layered the hearts on top with double-sided tape. Easy!

For her school party, we used the same idea as our Valentine's cards in 2010. They were too cute to only use one time. My daughter loves them and can't wait to share them at school tomorrow.

These are super easy to make - take a picture of your child holding their hand out and pretending to hold a giant lollypop. Add whatever text and decor you'd like (making sure to leave space for where the lolly pop will be) and print. Then make two small slices in the picture - just above and below your child's hand (and at the correct angle for how she's holding it) and insert the candy. We use dum-dums because they are small and lighter. You can use any lolly pop or even glow-sticks or pencils.

Happy Valentine's Day! Bring on the chocolate!

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