Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quilt Labels

A few months ago, I blogged a few times about trying to find a way to label my quilts. I loved the embroidered labels the best, but they were super time consuming. I also liked the handwritten label, but it still seemed too big. Writing directly on the quilt was definitely easiest, but I didn't like the risk involved if I messed up my writing.

Now? Now I have my own personalized labels.....

When I spotted these labels on, I was so excited. These are super simple and I was able to design them myself. I'm not going to link to the buyer I went through because I had a pretty unpleasant experience with the customer service (she promised 1 week, it took more than a month and she was super flakey throughout the process). But, all in all, I do like the quality of the labels and I'm excited to use them.

The back of the labels includes basic washing instructions.

P.S. I'll show this quilt soon once it's delivered... :)

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