Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh Sheet!

I have been trading vintage sheets like a madwoman. It's so much fun to get the mail! Here are some of my favorites that arrived last week:

The warm colors...

The cool colors...

I also traveled up North this weekend with my son. It was our first solo trip anywhere and I decided to take Amtrak instead of driving. It was great! Matthew loved the train and slept nearly the entire time.

I missed my daughter a lot, but it was nice to have some quiet time with just my little guy.

While we were there, a friend and I checked out the new Goodwill store in Rohnert Park. It's great! They had a ton of vintage sheets & pillowcases and I grabbed a few...

Blue floral and dots pillowcase ($1).

Red and white pillowcase ($1). With the cute ruffle edge, I am thinking this might great to use for a pillowcase dress.

Another pillowcase ($1).

And a bright and cheery twin-sized sheet ($2).

This blue floral is a twin-sized flat sheet ($2).

It was a fun trip and fun to come home to all of these packages in the mail.

(To my Quilting Bee friends, let me know if you are interested in FQs from either of the sheets I got - I'm happy to share!)


Janice said...

Great finds! You were just a few miles from me! I found some great pillowcases at the St Vincent De Paul thrift store near that Goodwill last week.

Evelyn said...

I love seeing those FQs all grouped and photographed so nicely! Very pretty!

I love doing the train between Seattle and Portland by myself, it's so relaxing! But the one time I tried to take my daughter (she was about 2), she desperately needed a nap and just would not sleep. It was miserable! Since then, we've stuck with driving. We might have to give it another try now that she's a couple years older!

Barbara said...

Love the title of your post. I haven't quite got into the vintage sheet thing yet -but they are very pretty.


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