Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My new favorite color

My favorite color changes often - sometimes from week to week. And lately, it's been fuchsia. I'm all about fuchsia shoes, jewelry, clothing, and maybe even a fuchsia purse?

Laurie & I had signed up for this class a few weeks ago and I had planned on using some soft blue fabrics from my stash (a "favorite color" from a few months ago). In the middle of the night, I remembered this fuchsia fabric and was giddy at the idea of using it for this project.

It has sweet little ties on each end to cinch it up.

The handles are pretty spiffy, too!

I used my FAVORITE funky green fabric for the inside lining and a fun purple polka dot for the pockets that wrap all the way around the inside. This bag also has a zipper, which was a first for me.

The pattern is by Penny Sturges and is called the "Bow Tucks Tote." It took about 5 hours to make, although I am thinking I will be able to go a little faster next time. And there will be a next time, I love this bag!

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mommy skonovd said...

oh, it's simply lovely! :)


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