Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bib Factory

My daughter needed some new bibs and when I spotted some in a store in Exeter last weekend, I really wanted to buy them for her - until I saw the $20 price tag! For something that is bound to get stained and worn out? It had never occurred to me to sew my own. Then when I started digging into my fabric stash, I found a BUNCH of fat quarters from my recent vintage fabric exchange that I thought would be fun, cute, and quirky bibs. Here's the first two from the bunch... very easy to make and I think they are way fun.

Edge stitch (one of the many that my new machine can do with ease):

I used my free motion on my new machine to embellish the butterfly... I like the wonkiness of it.

I even hired a model to test out the new bibs!

This was actually the first one I made... we are a little out of order on the blog today. This one I used free motion to stitch all over the bib. It's jumbo size, which I love.

Another model? Or is that the same one? I can't keep track of all the beauty.

1 comment:

Liam's Mommy said...

I love the stitching on those bibs. They are absolutely adorable


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