Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sonoma County

The kids and I spent almost two weeks up North with my parents. It was the perfect Summer escape from the Valley heat and we got to do so much and see so many of our friends and family. 

 We went to Howarth Park (and my daughter proceeded to fall in - yuck!) with my sister and her boyfriend and their two JUMBO dogs (great danes). 
I got to go wine tasting with my newlywed friend Daisy. 
 We got a big group together and went to Sonoma Traintown Railroad. 
 Peeking in the windows of the engine house. 
 Waiting for our train!
 And we got so much quality time with Grama and PeePaw (my dad and stepmom, who the kids adore). 
 We also had a big milestone while we were there - Mia got her ears pierced. She didn't love the pain, but is so proud of her new blue earrings. 
 We timed our visit just right for a day at the Sonoma County Fair, too! 
And they must have known I was coming because they put A LOT of hydrangeas (my favorite) in the flower show. 

We had a great trip, lots of photo sessions, and a wonderful visit with friends and family. I also really missed my sewing room and sewing machine (and did a little fabric shopping while I was there!).. so now I am editing lots pictures and making up for lost time.  : )  Swoon blocks coming soon!

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