Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mother's Day at Morro Bay

Remember my "carry-on bag" and wishing I had a trip to test it out with? I got my chance. Over Mother's Day weekend, we escaped record-breaking heat (102°!) and visited Morro Bay, California. It's about three hours from us and a nice little coastal town to explore. On Saturday, we took the kids to play at the beach near Morro Rock. My son was a little hesitant for the first few minutes, but I didn't mind him being extra snuggly. 
Soon enough, they were both happily playing in the sand and water and watching the otters and sea lions go by. We found a great spot and enjoyed the sheltered area where I didn't have to worry about them getting knocked down by a wave. It was a little chilly, but that certainly didn't stop them! 
 On Sunday we enjoyed a delicious brunch right on the water and were treated to lovely red roses in honor of Mother's Day. 
 Then we headed back to the beach to fulfill my Mother's Day wish - family pictures on the beach! We found a nice little spot just North of Morro Rock. 
 Love these little faces and love that I get to be their mommy. 

 I was also happy to grab some updated portraits with my mother-in-law, too. 
 And of course our little family of four. 
 My daughter is this amazing, creative little firecracker. She is already a true artist. She is sensitive and smart and so so so funny. Every day she gets better and better. I'm forever grateful to her for being the one that made me a mommy. I never knew I could adore someone as much as this.

This crazy boy has my heart. He is sweet and spunky and loves me like no one else ever has. Mama's boy indeed! He is logical and mechanically inclined and wildly affectionate. He tells me 20 times a day that he loves me and often appears beside me for a few minutes of cuddles. He is funny and clever and such a boy! 
 My husband snapped this picture while I was taking the solo shots of Matthew. I imagine this is what my kids think of when they remember me on vacations.  ; )
There aren't words to accurately describe what an honor it is to be a mother. My kids drive me crazy and make me proud and overwhelm me in such amazing ways. I am definitely blessed beyond measure. 

We had a lovely weekend at the coast and a Happy Mother's Day! It's not an easy job, but it's the best I've ever had. Happy Mother's Day!

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