Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Seven Years Old

I shared these on my business blog, but thought my crafting friends would enjoy seeing my sweet girl's 7-year-old portraits. She is the reason I started quilting (I made my first quilt for her first birthday). She is the one who made me a mommy and changed my world forever. I adore her and am so proud to be her mommy and watch her grow into this most amazing little person. 

Her favorite color is blue, so this dress and a location downtown with some awesome old peeling turquoise paint was just perfect for her.  
She was happy to pose with her favorite (only) brother.  ; )  Oh how I love these faces. 
She is a happy, loving, sensitive, creative girl. She adores arts and crafts (hmm... where did that come from?!) and recently completed her first quilt
She's a great student and I am blown away by her reading and writing skills. She doesn't love math yet, but we are working on it. 
She loves stuffed animals and her kitten and anything to do with being outdoors and looking for adventure. 

She is so loved and so adored. 

Happy birthday to our peanut!

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SarahZ said...

Simply beautiful!


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